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Sloggr Superhero
Jon Hall, founder of Sloggr and Switchbird

Dear Creators,

Writing is hard. Making videos is hard. Building an audience? That's really hard.

If you're doing that hard work on Instagram, TikTok or LinkedIn—or God forbid on Twitter? or now Mastodon?—you're building your castle on rented land 🏰🤢

But what if you could connect with those same people and share your work directly? Outside the warped logic of social media?

Sloggr lets you build your audience directly via text messaging. The data is yours. The relationships are yours. The rules are yours.*

Creating is hard. Some days it's a downright slog. But at the end of the day, I want creators to own their destiny. That's why I created Sloggr.

I hope you'll join me in Sloggr's beta program.


Jon Hall, Creator of Sloggr

P.S. Oh, and please do follow my slog 😉

*The rules are totally yours except for, you know, applicable law and whatnot.

What is Sloggr?

Sloggr is a web and mobile app that lets you broadcast social-like content to your family, friends, fans and followers at scale via simple text messaging.

  • Schedule broadcasts in a few clicks
  • Add images and video right from your device
  • Share with your entire audience or a smaller group
  • Full-res media plays on iOS and Android phones
  • See clicks and reactions in real time
  • Converse with contacts in private threads
  • Build your audience with subscribe CTAs
Sloggr Demo

Why Sloggr?

Rich Content via Text
Tools to compose, edit and easily add full-res video, audio and photos to plain-old SMS.
Reach Everyone, Even Mom
Is Mom not on Insta? Are your friends not on LinkedIn? Everyone texts. No app required.
Share Widely, Converse Privately
Share in bulk but connect one-on-one—free from stupid algorithms and trolls.
Grow With Analytics
See stats on audience size, message deliverability and engagement.
Segment Your Audience
Simple, flexible tags let you easily share content to everyone or just a smaller circle of people.
Own the Fruits of Your Labor
You own your relationships, data, and destiny. Want to go elsewhere? Just click "Export."

Now the hard part...

You know what they say: "Freedom isn't free."

The main drawback to text messaging is cost. Sure, carriers may give you "free unlimited text messages," but that's only because they're bilking you on subscriber fees 😡

It costs something—typically a penny or so per message—to share content via text.

Of course, you already know why sharing on social media is free, right? Because you are the product.

So, Sloggr cannot be free. But we're working on pricing that is sustainable—both for us and for our creators. More to come 😊



  • Unlimited contacts
  • A2P10DLC registration
  • Email support
  • Help center access



  • Everyting in Creator, plus:
  • Branded media player
  • BYO Twilio account
  • Priority support

Do you want to take control of how you share what you create?

Secure a spot in Sloggr's beta program.